Capt. S. R. New MA - Maritime Historian
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Preserving Our Maritime Heritage

S.New aboard the ketch 'Nonsuch' in 1968

This site is run by Capt. Stephen New, a maritime historian with experience both as a professional mariner and that of a film & media producer. He is a graduate of the Greenwich Maritime Institute (University of Greenwich). He has a MA in Maritime History and further studied 'Heritage Conservation' and 'Cultural Tourism Management'

The site when finalised will provide information and links for those with particular interest in research into the U.K.'s maritime past, both military and commercial.

Main Specialised Areas of Interest:

History of Merchant Navy 1850-1980, Naval History 1850-1925, Torpedo Boats 1813 - 1970's, History of Navigation, Coastal Motor Boats (CMBs), Thornycroft Boat & Shipbuilders, History of the Port of Southampton, Conservation of the former Magazine 'A' RNAD Arsenal at Marchwood. Conservation of the steam vessel 'Shieldhall',  Ketch 'Nonsuch' and the Hudson's Bay Company. Thames Sailing Club (1870) and development of the Thames 'A' Rater. Elder Dempster Lines Ltd.


Current Research & Availability:

Stephen New is currently researching the 100 year global history of the torpedo boat, and welcomes any contribution to this project. The results of this project will provide the content for a book titled 'Torpedo Boat Century - 100 years of Global Development & Naval Service'. The project is an extension of his previous in-depth research and treatise on  'Development and Operational Use of the Coastal Motor Boat 1904-1919' that provided an insight into the hidden facts behind the evolution and operation of early British motor torpedo boats. He is meanwhile also interested in undertaking additional professional historical research or media project work. He can be contacted via the following email address:


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